Audio Books

originally posted by Brittani Pasek

A question for Janny.

Have you considered putting your books into an audio formatt?

No offer, yet.

Wonderful, should that happen.

originally posted by Winter

I'm not sure if this is something you can check, but I've come across audiobooks made by the American Institute for the Blind for the Library of Congress that aren't commercially available. Robin Hobb's site says there aren't any audiobooks for her novels but I found all of the Farseer/Liveship/Tawny Man books online. I always wondered why they weren't available for sale too.

originally posted by Jacqueline Moore

I found and bought the Cycle of Fire series from Audible.

I also have the book formats but have to say being able to sit and listen to someone else read the books to me whilst I sit and sew is amazing. I just wish they'd bring out the WOLAS series in audio format because I think it would be an amazing series to listen to. And although I'd love to see Janny get her books into film, I don't think that it would do them justice (I'd just like to see her get the financial award she so richly deserves for having such an amazing series).

Audio books though would be great especially as the unabridged versions lose nothing of the original books :wink: so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will see this soon. I would definately be first in the queue. If you want to help make this possible, send a message to audible telling them this :smiley:

Thanks for your enthusiasm, Jacqueline, and welcome here! I'd love nothing better than an audio offer, and yes, I've heard they do listen to customer requests, if there are enough of them.