Atherian theology

originally posted by Kimberly Israel

Recently finished reading Ships of Merior and then Traitor's Knot a third time. What I'm wondering about now is more about Ath Creator. What I've gathered is that he/she/it is a more or less benevolent force that allows everything in existence to make free choices even when those choices turn out really badly - but also allows for redemption and healing of some sort for those who have made choices that have harmed themselves or others. Also he/she/it seems to be at least somewhat sentient in the sense of having sent the Paravians and then given them the world of Athera - how much of that is metaphor I'm not sure. Also, lots of reference to Ath's peace and "Ath's infinite mercy!" even if it's often used as an expletive. Also, there have been instances of the F7 somehow leading some of the wraiths of the Mistwraith to redemption.

So what I'm wondering now is: if the worst were to happen and the Mistwraith invaded Athera and destroyed/assimilated its life, would there ever be any hope for those spirits? Same question for those on Marak. Would Ath Creator ever heal/redeem them, either by direct intercession or by sending someone/something else? If not, would that be because he/she/it couldn't or wouldn't choose to? Also the ones who were lost in the grimward - are they really, truly, forever lost or can they be saved somehow?

I'm inviting speculation from anyone else on the boards, and Janny, if you're reading I'm asking.

Also, there's a wonderful scene of one of the hostels/groves of Ath's Adepts in Ships of Merior - the one that Lysaer destroys/desecrates. But before that happens, it mentions a leopard or panther or some other big cat, along with all these other animals, and none of them trying to kill each other.

What I'm wondering in that case is: if I were there, at that hostel/grove, and if I approached the leopard/panther/cat and went to scratch its head and under its chin like my cat, what would it do? Walk away? Purr? Maul my arm off? On one hand, what little I know about big cats seem to suggest that acting according to its nature would lead to me losing my arm if I were to touch it. On the other hand, the creatures in these Ath's Adepts places seem to be pretty calm. Would it be able to somehow tell my intentions? If so, would that affect what acting according to it's nature would mean?

Once again, looking for anyone else's speculations, and also, Janny, I'm asking.

Note to Janny: If that's not direct enough just to say that I'm asking, then just let me know how to ask and I'll put it in whatever phrasing you require :wink:

Hi Kimberly -

You Asked - but for the most part, I'd rather leave most of what you asked open to speculation. Alot, because it does spoil story to come!

And also, because what you see on the page is wide open to interpretation.

With regard to the groves, what you'd meet there would be LIFE, but in energetic metaphor. So if a cat might come, how Would it respond? The answer is as infinite as individuality.

originally posted by Neil

Not sure whether Arithon, himself, has met any adepts? Elaira, Lysaer(at least 3 times), yes.

Arithon, curiously not yet (in the story foreground so far?)

The adapts are willing to aid F7 sometimes. Would they aid Arithon? Wasn't there a vision of lysaer's armies marching on a hostel?

originally posted by Kimberly Israel

Janny, if answers are going to be coming in the stories, that's even better! I'll try to be patient :slight_smile:

originally posted by Neil


If I understand what you wrote (already probably a big assumption…), you mentionned that there are 5 "layers" (my word) to a "state of self at its fullest evolution toward becomingness", in your story (or defined within the paravian language.

Is this "akin" to the 5 towers and Ithamon? Are there 5 "parts" which create some kind of chord for any given self-aware conscienous being on Athera?

Would a ath adept have all 5 but a average human lack one or more?

I'm asking :wink: