Asandir and Arithon?

originally posted by David Cornelson

I noticed this for the first time: "Dakar watched, afraid to move, as Fellowship mage and s’Ffalenn prince shared a deep understanding. Jolted to fey sight by the combined effects of exhaustion and fear and disillusion, for a split second, Dakar perceived the scintillant brilliance of Asandir’s being in mirror-image, alike except in dimension to the pattern that was Arithon."

Very curious.


originally posted by Dorothy

That is something to ponder on along with a thousand and other things in these books! :smiley: I wasn't sure if Dakar saw Arithon's potential or something else such as a family connection maybe? After all, the humans on Athera fled as a result of the Seven's experimentation going disastrously wrong and there could be scope for such a connection.

originally posted by David Cornelson

Or Davien somehow mixed in Asandir's "name" into the s'Fallen descendants that left Athera. I just think it might one of Janny's little nuggets. Or a red-herring.

originally posted by Annette

I do not think it was in any way family or blood related, but more maybe to spirit and talent. The Fellowship were dreamed onto Athera, it changed them. But Arithon is a born talent, perhaps seeing a similar pattern in Arithon is merely a foreshadowing of what Arithon is going to become?

But then Dakar at this point is not the most reliable at interpreting things clearly. He made some pretty big mistakes.

originally posted by Dorothy

Ah. well. that depends on his access to alcohol at the time ;). I will dig out my copy of CotM and read it in context. I do know his prophesying can be true or subject to change depending on his state of consciousness ie he is totally unaware of his true prophesying but when it comes to his perception I really don't know. All I do know is the more sober he is, the more accurate he is with his Talents.
Can you rule out a distant blood tie though? Only the talented can survive being in the presence of a Paravian with varying degrees of success and perhaps the Seven were chosen and summoned by the great drakes because they already had an abundance of latent talent. It makes no sense to me at least that the Seven could not have this trait unless perhaps the talented are of Biedar descent. Again, I'm not sure if the Biedar have held themselves apart from the rest of mankind over the millenia.
I LOVE these books!

originally posted by Annette

I do not think Dakar was using his talent for prophesy when observing Arithon and Asandir together, just a bit of mage sight maybe. His mage sight like the rest of him, seemed pretty unreliable at the start. Da,kar was not drunk when he decided he did not like Arithon, nor was he drunk in Ships of Merior when he so desperately wanted Arithon dead. I would not consider Dakar's opinion reliable early on unless he was unconsciously giving a prophesy. Remove all his muddled emotions and desires from the picture.

There are part breed Biedar mentioned in the books, that were living among the townborn. And even the occasional dusky or dark skinned person seen at odd points, we have to wonder about. Were they also part breed Biedar, keeping an eye on things? Just who was that strapping dark skinned grandson Lysaer met at Arithons failed coronation? Just a normal crofter with a good suntan?

On mixed blood Biedar

'I have a man, a desert tribe half-breed, who works an orange press at the docks. He’ll track down your spy.
-Traitor’s Knot

a tattooed half-breed physician from Atchaz mixed philters in a row of blown glass vials. His desert tribe parentage had instilled the rites of Mother Dark along with rare knowledge of herb lore, for the tiny man grabbed his ring of bone amulets and fled, muttering dialect, as Lysaer s’Ilessid crossed the threshold.
-Grand Conspiracy

And the most famous was possibly Khetienn's cook. I do not remember anything of his parentage being mentioned though.