Arithon's prescience

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Stefi, I hope that none of the offspring of Arithorn and Lyser's get married!! They are blood related afterall and so therefore they would be marrying their half first cousins. *Shudders*. Too close to home I reckon.
billeebee ;O)

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Oh no, I was reffering to Lysaer. I hope HE has a happy marraige. I mean considering his history, it would be rather doubtful, but here's to hoping!

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A quick correction.

2. "Corruption" of Elaira, a promising initiate

Elaira was never really a promising initiate. I got the impression she was assigned to Lirenda so her spirit could be broken. She had too many bad habits for a Koriani, and she would have aged and died as normal, since she wasn't deemed fit for longevity.