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An angelic relation likely tired of my whining and bought me the UK trade paperback version for Christmas! This was an unexpected delight! WOO HOO!!

(Now that the profuse thanks are being publicly aired…)

I am nearly finished with my second read, to make sure that any details that may have been galloped by are properly appreciated.

Has anyone noticed that Vision, Sight, Prescience and Prophecy are different for each person who possesses the gifts? And even when the same word is used [i.e. Sight, as in the case of Jieret and Jeynsa] each one has a unique experience with it? Is this due, I wonder, to the power manifesting differently in the individual, or individual sensitivity to the gift?

Dakar has two types of visions with his prophecies: The ones he remembers, which mean they can be changed, and the ones he can't, which, as far as Dakar knows, CANNOT be changed. Does this imply that Dakar's "blind prophecies" (Those he cannot remember) are warnings of inevitabilities?

Arithon is having all sorts of turns, and seems to be having multiple, branching visions with his new insight. That means, in my interpretation, that he is seeing POSSIBLITIES, but cannot as yet, control these visions enough (or at least his reactions to them) enough to chose the most likely, most possible, or most probable scenario.

Any thoughts from the rest of you?

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TRYS Surely these should be in the spoilers topic???

I think various manfestations of "foresight" are just like any talent in the real world, there are some avenues that individuals will find it easy access. We can all be taught to play tennis but only some will go on to win Wimbledon, and each player has strengths and weakneses in their games.

In the same way that High Kings both had talents and a inclination towards kingship I think the same has to be true of foresight. Dakar does not want foresght but has the talent in spades, so much so that he can't help himeself.

As for Arithons' foresight I agree exactly with you, Blue . He sees the set of posible futures. This primastic foresight reads very much like the Many-worlds idea of quantum mechancics and I'm not suprised he is overwhelmed by the scope of the vision, a near inifite set of possibilties, pick one, get another set of possiblities of what could happen after that choice and so on.

I don't think Arithon needs to control this gift to pick the most likely scenario, we already know the most-likley outcome for Alestron and watched a less likely (but more useful) possiblity (raze Alestron to the ground) become void. What Arithon needs to be able to do is select the future with the most POTENTIAL and then reconstuct the various choice pathways that would lead to that future becoming reality. Now here's the rub… how much sacrifice is worth that potential future? how much medling in peoples' destiny?


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Also, there are factors that create a potential future that simply won't be in Arithon's ability to control. As happened with the Havens, all this careful planning sacrifice to bring about the best future came to naught because of a simple complication.

I would imagine Arithon's current foresight is much like what he experienced under tienelle.

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Is Arithon now perceiving the future like a paravian would?

Does he show that humans could reach the level necessary to live in harmony on Athera without a compact?