Arithon and Lysaer's Homeworld

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Couldn't remember how to spell where they came from.
Just thinking Janny if you can answer my questions just in case they may crop up in other sotries.

When Arithon was sent to Athera who would have become King of Karthan? I know his Grandfather helped heal the rift between Karthan and Amroth but wondered what could've happened after that as there were no more s'ffallen's (sorry about spellings) left. Would it be a cousin from the Ahealas line? Just wondered

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Has this ever been answered elsewhere on the board?

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Arithon was the last s'Ffalenn, so it is anyone's guess at this moment in time WHO would have succeeded as King of Karthan in that instance. There is no mention of any nobility who might have been in a position to take over. Presumably, there was more than one Karthish pirate captain, and my guess would be that the one who was strongest, or had the most support, could have taken over.

According to the shade of Avar s'Ffalenn, (Arithon's father, the last known King of Karthan) whom Arithon encountered in Kewar Tunnel in PG, the High Mage of Rauven, Arithon's grandfather, Mak s'Ahelas, forced the peace between Karthan and Amroth. The s'Ahelas heirs used their talents to make Karthan green again, which cancelled the need for piracy from the desperate Karthish. They also "pledged their trained talent" to make sure the peace lasted.

This does not, however, mean that a s'Ahelas necessarily took over as King or Queen - they might actually be in something like a trust or regent position, holding the throne and administering the country until a s'Ffalenn could possibly return to reclaim their rightful place.