Arithon and Ciladis

originally posted by Zorana Lewis

I've been working my way through the books again (as a much more enjoyable alternative to writing a university paper on the 1797 British Naval mutiny (zzzz)) and a couple of passages got me thinking. The first one is Dakar's vision in Fugitive Prince:

"He saw pine trees, a bright shoreline where turquoise waters purled into spume, and there, Arithon s'Ffalenn on his knees in white sand, his black sword Alithiel drawn and upraised; and through the bone-hurting chord of grand harmony thrown off by the blade's spelled defenses, a unicorn poised in the rampant, first thrust of a charge aimed to gore him." (p. 134)

Now, I know there's already another thread discussing that particular quote, but it was putting it with the next quote that really got me thinking:

"On a faraway isle, amid waters never charted, a unicorn stands sentinel as Desh-thiere's mists part; and yet she does not dance for joy under the lucent sky - a horn-toss of inquiry displays her puzzlement as tree-filtered sunshine glances across a cave mouth and a weakened shimmer of ward-light fades back to quiescence without rousing the sorcerer sealed under sleep spells within…" (CoTM p. 375)

Now, the only sorcerer that is missing, is Ciladis (unless of course Janny has some sorcerers hidden up her sleeves we haven't heard of yet), so I'm assuming that he is the sorcerer sealed away. Now there's obviously a reason for this (that we don't know of yet - or if we do, I missed it *g*)Add that to Dakar's vision, and I wonder if there is the possibility that Arithon finds Ciladis. Or at least the isle he is on; and that is potentially what the unicorn is prepared to attack Arithon over - preventing him from interferring and potentially releasing Ciladis?

*shrugs* Don't know. Just a thought. If you've already discussed this to death then oops. *g*

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

I think you're right. If Arithon found Ciladis because of need, ie. for a just cause, then it would explain why Alithiel's defenses would flare against the unicorn, which I think is one of the main things that's been confusing the rest of us.

Now we have to wonder (if you are right) when Arithon finds Ciladis and how.

Cheers :smiley:

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See? There you have it, Kristen (and Zo!); there simply isn't enough real estate to resolve all the separate sub-plots hanging out in the wind. Sorry Janny, I guess you'll just have to add another Arc…

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I can almost hear Janny chuckling when she reads this thread…

Chuckling?!? I just snorted coffee up my nose! :smiley:

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Zo? Well I did used to be called Zee, which suited me fine until the film Antz came out, and then it became mildly embarrassing. XD

And lol. Glad to hear I can cause such amusement with my rampant speculations. :smiley: