Arc IV topic is unlocked - I just noticed!

Whee, the gryphon's been at work again – grin.

The topic's unlocked for speculation, but DO TAKE CARE in doing so, that anything related to Stormed Fortress's events is marked with adequate spoiler notices…

This said, dig in. (and muahaha, for Arc IV you can try to guess and guess, and guess again!!!)

originally posted by Andy

Wow, nice maniacal, evil laughter! I'd love to "dig in", but I must confess that I'm at a bit of a loss, because you did such a good job of ending this story arc. Janny, could you maybe help us out a bit with the elapsed time between the end of Arc 3 and the beginning of Arc 4? I'm not asking for specifics or precision, but you must have some larger story arc concept of elapsed time. If I'm not mistaken, there was about a 5 year lapse between Curse and Ships, and about 17 years before FP.

If I had to guess, I'd probably posit that about 15 to 20 years, or one generation, will probably pass, and the story will pick up with . . . OK, I'm at a total loss.

originally posted by skeoke

Not to rush things, but is there a name for Arc 4?

Let's see, what is still outstanding?
mistwraith locked in Rockfell
Selidie/Moriel's comeuppance
Traithe's restoration
Iyat loose in the Waystone
Ciladis' nap
Elaira's crystal's preference
Black Rose prophecy
Focus circle (where?) to become active at the time of Athera's greatest need, in response to ?? footsteps ??
Paravians' return
Fellowships reunion
Humanity's expulsion???
the Cleansing of Marak
I'm sure a missed a *few*

Where to start?

originally posted by DarthJazy

start with ciladis nap which should his return witht he return of the paravians and the fellowship reunion if not including traithes restoration. This would all be tied to the Black Rose Prophecy which may lead to the mistwraith in Rockfell and Humanity getting the boot which may be caused by Moriels Comeuppance. Moriels may yet die once Elaira finds out her crystals preference which may lead Elaira to become the next Korothi leaders which could lead to the waystone loosing its Iyat guest. Once all this has come to pass it may be that the focus circle may become active as all these loose threads come together to cleanse Marak and the mistwarith and forever healing athera.

Did I miss anything?

originally posted by Dorothy

Lirenda's fate? :wink:

originally posted by skeoke


Jieret's prophecy/vision/sight

originally posted by DarthJazy

dam it all to hell I knew I missed something

originally posted by Hunter

Arithon on the stone slab…
Arithon, Alithiel and a charging Riathan Paravian on a beach somewhere.

The item which will become active at the time of Athera's greatest need is the stones at Mainmere. There is also a focus circle I think but the stones were imbued by a centaur apparently.

originally posted by Blackrock

Have we seen the last of Ellaine and Kevor? On Kevor not saying that he will come back as s'Ilessid heir, but will he influence or assist in the redemption of Lysaer back under the Paravian compact?


originally posted by Julie

I imagine we will see glimpses of Ellaine as we do Jinesse and Tharrick. Their fairly stable lives allowed the twins to act their parts in Arithon's alliance(with or without his blessing). Unless the next book spans only a few years contiguous with SF these characters will grow old and pass on.

Kevor is part of the next generation and as adept should have a long life. If Lysaer wins ground in his struggle to reclaim himself, he may be able to have another real realtionship with a women and produce the s'LLessid heir. Also remember he has family still on his home world.

originally posted by Blake Betts

Fiark is gonna have his hands full with Feylind's kids. I have been waiting for a coupling between Arithon and Elaira, but I bet that will happen at the end of the series.

Ellaine will cry over Lysaer but I doubt that she will try to save him. She never actually saw him while he was free of the wraith's geas.

originally posted by Sleo

What do you mean, waiting for a coupling between Arithon and Elaira? That nearly happened in Traitor's Knot, and then did happen in Stormed Fortress, many times.

originally posted by Blake

You know, have kids. I probably could have phrased it better but that is beside the point. They haven't had kids together yet.

originally posted by Bill Blank

I liked the testimonials on the page for pre-ordering this novel:

"Astonishingly original and compelling! A gifted creator of wonder' RAYMOND E. FEIST 'It ought to be illegal for one person to have so much talent' STEPHEN DONALDSON"

originally posted by Colin Avery

Hi Janny,

New to blogging and great to see you taking such an interest in your readers. Been with you since your 'Empire' days - which I thoroughly enjoyed. Must say I am enthralled with the 'bittersweet' ache you bring to Arithon's situation & looking forward to IT in the Autumn (fall - for all those across the pond). Speaking of ponds, I particularly like the way that your (apparently) minor characters act like ripples in a pond in terms of their influence on major events and story arcs & I look forward to seeing more of those ripples driving the story arcs onward.

Welcome here, Colin Avery and Bill Blank.

Thanks to you both for your nice words.

I am eagerly looking forward to having Initiate's Trial in your hands, as well!