Any chance for a sequel to TRHC?

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Hi Janny, I was just thinking a lot lately of how much I enjoyed To Ride Hell's Chasm. Have you thought anymore of doing a sequel for it one day? I know a lot of people loved it too. I think I read that book faster than I have any book and you know I'm a slower reader. It was a spellbinding story. Just wondering if there was a chance for a sequel someday. The prints that we had framed are up on the wall now and look stunning. Everyone comments on your artwork that sees the pictures. Thanks again

Hi Cheryl –

You Asked.

I had written this story with no intent of a sequel whatsoever. I still view it as self-complete, with nothing lost if it stays so.

But you are right - there IS another story, Mykkael's bloodline being a menace that the demons believed they had wiped out. The hot ground in the Efandi kingdom has not been reclaimed…therefore, if one projects ahead, Mykkael and all of his happy family with Orannia would be at potential risk…

The posited start point would lie there - but don't run away with any theories! IF I ever chose to write this it would have to top what went before - not be just a recap of the same tale told in Hell's Chasm. I would have to really be grabbed - and in a twisty direction - because to my mind, what I set out to write with this character was done in exemplary fashion: the ethics of the warrior being the primary thrust.

The sequel would have to have a different tune underlying. Another original work and direction, or not at all, to my mind. I have never, EVER written just an extension of the same story.

So the idea is on a playful back shelf. It may present and come forward - or not. Right now, I haven't the time to look in that direction.

And my speculative hours have been testing another direction entirely.

Not to say it won't happen - just there is no active plan bubbling, nor even a word of an outline.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Thanks for responding Janny. I like that idea of Mykkael's bloodline being a menace. It sounds good if it does happen. Thanks so much.

originally posted by jumps

aaaaaahhhhhh!!! Why? Why? Menace? what? Curiosity is killing me. I loved TRHC but it went by so fast. I guess I was used to books about Athera that take place over a span of lifetimes. When I finished I still had questions about Mykkeal He's a great character. About as good as Arithon IMO I just don't know enough about him. *Sigh* I guess a reread is in order. :smiley:

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I enjoyed it like that too. Janny said the story wrote itself and I believe it. It seemed that way while reading it. Couldn't put it down type of book. I don't read too many that do that to me. I liked Mykkeal too. Maybe in the future there can be the story of the Menace. lol