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I agree on Lirenda I always have felt a little some sympathy for her. She's treated so bad and I often wonder if Arithon won't have her on his side in the end. An old joke but I promise I won't bring up the ketchup thing and anticipation here LOL

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I've heard that Arithon makes a mean pot of black beans…

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The Koriani enchantresses conceive a breathtakingly audacious plot to make him their pawn - from the Voyager website precis…

I hope the Koriani come up with something better than their feeble attempts in the past. How much more audacious can they get? They've tried to get Elaira out of the hostel and failed, Fionn Areth has failed to date. Lirenda failed. Morriel failed to capture Asandir and Davien. Now Arithon's surely been learning more fun stuff with Davien… what is left for them? Morriel/Selidie is licking her wounds and Lirenda as a slave…

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Speaking of Arithon and Jeynsa--
I just keep remembering that scene where Jieret asks Arithon to swear a blood oath with his daughter and Arithon's reaction just cracks me up!
"Ath, she's a woman!"
And he BLUSHES! It's just funny to me how that guy can handle, oh…just about everything that gets thrown at him–and you KNOW that's been no picnic–but he gets all twisted up over the thought of having to get so close to that girl.
I mean, how endearing, how human is that?

I'm a newcomer to this whole phenomenon, I've just now finished reading Peril's Gate, after having started the series barely a month ago. So I've had the luxury of each book ready when I wanted it, which has quite spoiled me.
So, my anticipation for Traitor's Knot is beyond handling.
Guess I'll just have to go read it all again, because I really can't seem to do without having a day in Athera.


originally posted by Wendy Collett


As I recall, and it has been a few months since I read PG, Elaira is still the focus of the current plot against Arithon, by the Koriani.

Morriel/Selidie instructed her on her oath that she was (paraphrased) able to do whatever she pleased, but she is to go to Arithon. The point (for M/S) being that it is possible and preferrable that she gets him out of a situation where she can place him under a Koriani oath for the help.

The all know it, and Elaira was aiming to meet up with Arithon after he gets out of the Maze/Library.


originally posted by George

I think the whole issue with Elaira has been played out to some part. Arithon was not bound under oath of debt when Elaira went to him in Kewars Tunnel (if i am not mistaken).

I think the "traitor" could be Elaira, as she has in effect betrayed the Koriani Oath of obedience and has taken refuge in a Hostel. She is definitely in a "knotted" situation because she cannot leave the hostel without being recalled under compulsion by the Prime, by the same token, the Koriani have lost one of their major (if not THE major) weapon against Arithon.

I think we can deduce from the books so far (sorry Janny just a bit of speculation), that:

a. Elaira will some how be freed from the Koriani Order,

b. Arithon will be instrumental in redeeming the Wraiths (and will ultimately do so),

c. That the secret Cabal of Townsmen will play a part in seizing control of Lysear's cause towards their own end,

d. Traithe will be healed fully.

What do you all think?

originally posted by Wendy Collett


The involvement of Elaira in PG with Arithon in Kewar Tunnel is only going to be the 'tip' of this latest plot against him by the Koriani.

Morriel 'expects' it to take a much longer period of time to catch Arithon through Elaira than just these current events happening in less than a season on Athera. Remember, these women plan for centuries on a plot.

So far, Elaira, in fact, has not broken her oath to the Koriani, as she was given free rein on her actions. The Koriani may (and probabably would) be very upset with her going to Ath's Brotherhood, but Morriel gave her implicit permission to follow her goals. Even the wiping of the scry crystal, while not a 'good' thing according to Koriani rules, was not a break of her oath.

Wait and see, Arithon, Elaira and a poor goatherd boy with a face-to-die-for will yet be the subject of a major scene. There is still the birth prophecy to be worked out to the other eventualities, to see which one comes to fruition - it was to be for Elaira to decide which fate awaited them all.


originally posted by George

I'd forgotten about the birth prophecy! Arhhhh! That throws a spanner in the works!

Lets see how Elaira will choose…i'm sure that the are going to be a few more books before this saga comes to completion!!!

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Arithon won free of Kewar without Elaira's assistance the resultant tie to the Koriani order. If I remember correctly, late in PG, Morriel and the Koriani made an effort to recall Elaira from the hostel. Which obviously would not work.

Whilst we're concentrating on just what Arithon might learn from Davien, let's not forget what Elaira has been shown already in the hostel and what she might further learn should she stay there. After all, why should she leave whilst Arithon is recuperating in Kewar with Davien?

I'm hoping for at least one more scene where Elaira is present with Morriel and Lirenda and Arithon gives them yet another comeuppance and Elaira collapses with laughter. I quite enjoyed the scenes in GC when Lirenda was trying to track Arithon through Jaelot…

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Hasn't the 'fire' line of the prophecy already been fulfilled? :smiley:

I'm sure there are only 3 left, and they are far more grim endings. Curious to see which one will pan out. Elaria's lost the first chance to choose… but then, WoLaS has the theme of facing your fate, and reforging it anew. So perhaps another choice will open up…

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But is Janny really that predictable as to simply go down the 'List of Ways for Fionn to Die'? (As horrible as that sounded!)