Anticipating Tragedy in Mistwraith

Hello! I’m rereading Curse of the Mistwraith for the first time, and am exactly 200 pages into it. (In chapter 7)

A few years ago I started reading this series after blazing through To Ride Hell’s Chasm, and made it all the way to Grand Conspiracy (I believe) - before adhd took me away to other pastures (and I’ll admit I didn’t fight TOO hard as I was waiting to let the final book be finished!)

And now, here I am rereading it, and finding it a rich yet troubling experience. I’m realizing new plots and foreshadowing and characters bits all over the place, and it’s thrilling to see how everything connects. But as we get closer and closer to the titular curse, I keep flinching. What should be triumphant revelations (and were, when I first read it) are now moments that make me cringe in anticipation of suffering to come, particularly for the clansfolk.

To those who reread this series: how do you handle it? How do you brace yourself for volumes and volumes of Arithon’s suffering?

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I never really had too much trouble reading till Peril’s Gate came out, parts of that I found an emotional ringer. I would re-read the series before each new volume was released, right up until waiting for Stormed Fortress I was still crying through a bit of Peril’s Gate. After Stormed Fortress I was fine, Janny is obviously hardening more than Arithon up for what is coming in the last book. I will make sure to have plenty of tissues on hand for Song of the Mysteries.

Welcome here, Strix!

As you read further into the series, you’ll find that Janny doesn’t just write the grim and dark sides of stories. During my rereads, I’m buoyed by the thought of those future positive moments. Without the suffering in the beginning those positive moments wouldn’t have nearly as much impact.

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I find likewise with how @auricle mentions. While there are some shattering moments throughout, there are equally as many moments of joy, or transcendent experience that uplifts your heart. One moment midway through the series, I still find myself torn on my reaction, sharing in the overwhelming grief it engenders, but also exulting, for the expression of one character’s love for another and what that birthed.