Another short - in the Valdemar anthology - Tempest

Pleased to announce I got my contributor's copy of the new Valdemar Anthology, titled Tempest.

I've got a story in it - Girl Without the Gifts. Fans of Mercedes Lackey - and anyone - who enjoys the magical kingdom of Valdemar - there are 24 authors contributing, as well as a new novella by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

This was the story I was quiet about. Now totally final.

originally posted by Auna

Oh wow, I missed this seeing this announcement. It must have been fun writing in the world of Valdemar.

originally posted by Auna

Janny, that was really good.

It's been a long time since I read the Valdemar books, is that girl someone we should know from an existing story or is she new and will we get to read more about her?

She's new, crafted just for Valdemar…I've submitted the sequel story (continuation of Kaysa's story) to the next anthology - no word back yet. If all goes as planned (and they like it, and there is another antho after this one and IF they invite me) there's a third in outline. So: a trilogy of shorts, provided grace and the opportunity stars align.

originally posted by Auna

Awesome to hear, I hope they do more anthologies and add your stories so I can read the rest.