Annette's Sneak Peek

Well. Grin.

Annette: you have certainly looked into these tales enthusiastically enough to deserve your VERY OWN SNEAK PEEK…

Here is the 'translation' of Iyat-Thos Tarens for you:

Tarens - a townborn name
Iyat-Thos - Paravian for broken-nose

originally posted by Annette

Thanks Janny. :smiley:

I did actually know that though, that is why I was inquiring about how many times his nose was broken. I had been looking into trying to unravel Alithiel's secrets (yes I have worked out there is more to that sword than we have been told yet), and having finally resorted to the Paravian language for clues, got stuck deciphering what th stood for. Looking at what the symbol looks like gave me a few ideas, but nothing certain. Although it is mentioned in one of the books that th'i as a suffix means plural, still not satisfied, although in Iyat-Thos Tarans case the th might mean that. I have an idea you will be telling us all about the misadventures of Iyat-Thos Janny, and I look forward to seeing how many times he manages to get his nose broken.

If I do not manage to work out Alithiel's secrets, no doubt it is not going to kill me to wait till Song of the Mysteries. I jumped creation, a fallen rock and Alithiel's secrets and settled on speculation about certain Paravians instead. Although that lead to a small wonder that had me puzzling over a certain spirits evolution. Maybe I took a wrong turning some where, or my imagination got the better of me.

I am still thinking about Kewar's symbol, having it on its side instead of the expected cardinal points orientation has me puzzled.

originally posted by Annette

Still ferreting for the mystical meaning of 'th', but as a simple guess I predict Iyat-Thos Tarens has his nose broken at least twice, once by each brother. No way could anyone be that panic prone or spirited they get whacked on the nose five times. Although the 5 is very interesting.

5 towers of Ithamon
5 standing stones on the Plain of Araithe
5 kingdoms
5 kingdom banners who's symbols perhaps show the evolution of a certain spirit
5 quartz spheres at Althain tower, all 5 probably being there since Paravian times (that is creating rampant speculation)
5 ages of redemption remaining

I think itha just means five by association, since 'th' is used in so many things that have nothing to do with five.