Animal rights

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Hi, I've just replied to a question on a vegan discussion forum where someone was looking for recommendations of novels to read and was mainly interested in fantasy. That person was hoping to buy books by vegan authors.
This is the reply I posted. Hope it is considered appropriate, Janny.
"A fantasy author I highly recommend is Janny Wurts, especially her Wars of Light and Shadow series starting with Curse of the Mistwraith. She is not vegan (that I know of) but her books are very much about moral dilemmas and questioning the status quo. There is a marginalised group that live in close harmony with nature and protect the "free wilds". They only kill the right amount to sustain the population and diversity. The also have a ritual of asking permission from nature before using it.
Also, you may like Sherri S. Tepper''s The Family Tree and some of her other books. Her main soap box issue is over-population and women''s rights, especially abortion which I disagree with but manage to enjoy her books anyway. Family Tree is more specific in dealing with some animal rights issues.
Good luck

I was tossing up where to post this but wanted to see if this summary of the possible interest the series may hold for an animal-rights focussed reader was considered accurate.

Anna - no problem!

(I only have "problems" with people who post unkind statements behind the backs of the people they're hitting for - controversial statements, backed up, and up front, are ok.)

I am not a vegan. I suppose because I really see no difference between eating a living thing that's a plant, and a living thing that's an animal…we are consciousness in bodies, supported by other consciousness in bodies…what kind of body is splitting a hair — this said: PERSONALLY - (and every person is free to do as they see fit, this is my take as an individual) I feel what really matters to me was the quality of life for the life being eaten…was it respectfully honored and able to live as nature intended? and were the people who raised that food - did they have fair wages and a reasonable quality of life, ALSO.

Yup, factory farming, and mono culture with chemicals and antibiotics/steroids, or slave labor conditions for field workers - THOSE are the issues I stick at…not what food, but how it was honored in the raising for "our" benefit. I place my consumer dollar as far as I possibly can, into organic fair trade produce and range fed animals.

originally posted by hosanna

Thanks for the reply Janny. It's good to know, as I assumed, you have a morally consistent position. BTW have you read any Sherri S. Tepper books?

Anna - yup, some of them. She's a pretty interesting thinker.

originally posted by hosanna

Thanks for answering Janny. Yes,Tepper is a very interesting thinker with a clear set of themes through most of her novels. I like your books better though have to admit :wink: