Amusing historical comments on the siege in Alliance

originally posted by Hunter

Possible spoiler:

I was recently reading a transcript of discussions between Janny, Trys and some others circa 1995 - around when Ships was released. I thought people might like to read following snippet from part of that exchange. I'm not sure made me laugh more - Trys' thoughts on what Arithon might do, Tony's questioning of why Arithon might hang around or Janny's how of glee… enjoy.

Category 5, Topic 26 Message 118 Thu Apr 06, 1995 TRYSTANE at 19:03 EDT Tony, >> Who's laying siege?<< I wouldn't expect Arithon to get caught in a situation where a siege could be laid against him, but then again one never knows. :smiley: Trys ------------

Category 5, Topic 26 Message 119 Thu Apr 06, 1995 T.ZBARASCHU1 [Tony] at 20:10 EDT But then, Arithon has no reason to lay a siege, either. He's fighting only in self-defense, at the uttermost need. Why would he be besieging Lysaer? (And why would he stick around where Lysaer might besiege him? Besides, in a siege situation, I think that sooner or later they'd catch sight of each other, and promptly enter Elemental Mastery Contest #3.) Hence, the question. ------------

Category 5, Topic 26 Message 120 Thu Apr 06, 1995 J.WURTS [Janny] at 21:56 EDT Tony - I've already put a search (library) out on those books. And thanks for the further tip on the article, too. On boy, oh boy, oh boy, to both you and Trystane!!! You can't guess where I'm going, at the outset, that's great!! (very evil grin) you'll just have to wait for Alliance, guys…

Yep, Janny's been amusing herself for a long time…

The transcript used to be on the old version of the website and was basically an earlier version of a chat type site. There was one for Curse and Ships (the US Ships which was all of Arc II). Rather interesting read on the thoughts of readers and Janny at that time and then now, having read Arc III, where Janny dropped hints that have come through.

originally posted by Trys

I think the excerpts are from the old GEnie forum discussions. :smiley:

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Good digging, Hunter! That must have taken a bit of time. Thanks for the effort, as it really is illuminating.

"Very evil grin" indeed! And Janny, you havn't changed one iota, at least not in respect to your penchant for gloating over our pathetic speculation, which is a really good thing.

The more Janny gloats, the better it is for us. I have noticed a direct correlation between her level of gloating and my enjoyment of her books. If her level of gloating ever goes down (which I haven't noticed since I first started looking at the board, and certainly not since I joined it), we know we'll be in trouble. Big trouble.

Gloat away, Talespinner!

You know, I almost recall that conversation, and I do recall Tony, who's the other voice - met him, once too - he loved books with well fleshed out worlds…the library book search referred to REFERENCE material on siege warfare…needless to say, living in a resort area in Florida, the library here isn't terribly fabulous on reference books…

I do recall, then, getting books for Round 2, siege warfare reference (round 1 was done in 1973, roughly, and yes, I was a kid). I remember wanting titles that I had to get through out of state universities, and having vols. sent in FedEx by friends, then FedExing them back again, before due date…

So, yeah, the planning for this series has been a lifework, surely…not something that pops out of the box because…