originally posted by Wayne

Hey all,

If you get on Amazon's web-site at all see if something pops up…

Especially if you purchased something in the past by our resident author.


originally posted by Trys

Or go to the page of one of Janny's books.

originally posted by Auna

hmm nothing popped up for me :frowning_face:

originally posted by Hunter

Very good! :smiley:

originally posted by Hannah

Cool! Although, if I had stumbled across that unawares, I would probably have to do a double-take and wonder what site I had navigated to!

originally posted by Trys


It will come up if you have bought one of Janny's books through and are logged in. Otherwise, just search for one of Janny's titles and go to that page, you'll find what's being talked about.


originally posted by Auna


I did bring up one of Janny's books and I went to the UK site since that's where I purchased TK. Didn't see anything. *cries*

originally posted by Trys


The feature is at (US) not :smiley: The program is in beta, so hopefully it will roll out to the other amazon sites when it's non-beta.


originally posted by Dan Williamson

Not sure what it was, but it may be over now. I went into my order history and went to the hard cover for Grand Conspiracy as well as to the Kindle versions I purchased.

Now I had heard last year that they were going to start offering Kindle versions to people who had purchased books through Amazon. I've since bought all of the series for Kindle, so if that is it maybe that is why I am seeing nothing.

originally posted by Jeff

In response to Dan Williamson:

I was not aware of the Amazon Matchbook service until I read your post and looked it up. Thanks.

I bought the digital version of Initiate's Trial for $1.99.
The 'Meisha Merlin' edition of Traitor's Knot is not included, nor are titles purchased from (for US customers).


The earlier posts would be related to something different than Matchbook. I don't recall for sure, but it was probably a pre-order ad/link for Stormed Fortress. One of the other posters might confirm.

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Let's see 8 years ago… nope, don't have a clue what this thread was about. :smiley:

originally posted by Dan Williamson

Oh, I just noticed the February portion of the date as it was on the first page when I posted. Assumed I was only going back a couple of weeks, not years. Assumptions, they'll get you.

originally posted by Neil

I bought CDs from amazon and later amazon loaded them all onto my phone (cloud player or something like that)

It is not impossible they might do the same if they see an opportunity to boost the ebook download market one of these days?

originally posted by Auna

I have a subscription to Amazon Prime so this may not apply to non Prime members but in January 2014 I bought the Kindle version of To Ride Hell's Chasm and was charged $1.99 instead of $8.06 and I believe it was because I had previously bought the hardcover version thru Amazon (not as a Prime member at that time) in 2004.

It probably only works with hardcover to Kindle but I haven't really researched it, I just enjoy the nice discounts when they happen.