AMA scheduled tomorrow at r/fantasy! spread the word!

Hi Folks,

I've got an AMA (ask me anything) scheduled for tomorrow (Tues. Nov 7) at

The thread goes up at about 11:30 EST, you post your questions - and I return at 7 PM EST to start answering. If you miss the time window, DON'T worry, I will respond to all questions put up there.

Please help spread the word so we get a strong turn out and interesting stuff to chat about!

New accounts/first posters are encouraged at these events, so no need to be shy!

originally posted by Annette

Can we ask spoilers?

You can try. I will post here when I have the thread up (about 11:30 - that would be the moment to spread the word far and wide.

OK folks - the link is live! Post yer questions, all comers! nd_lifelong_book/

originally posted by Auna

I love the questions and answers so far. Still reading through them. Love the 'read anything by C.J. Cherryh' since it reminds me of scrounging for some of her older stories when I went on a must get everything by her binge.

I'm a good cook but I will admit to burning food at times because I get into reading or gaming. :stuck_out_tongue: In fact, I should check on the spaghetti! o.O