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I really LOVED the image of Ariton meditating on Alithiel (and using rose oil) and realising that it was never meant to be used as a weapon.

Should have guessed that right from the beginning in fact since Paravians are not really into retributive forms of justice, and so therefore would not forge a sword for use as a killing instrument, but as a weapon against delusion.

Truly, a double-edged sword! *grin*

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Paravians are not really into retributive forms of justice

I'm glad to see someone 'verbalize' this. Puts a whole different spin on what could happen to Lysaer, eh?


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Trys: *grin* Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing how the author is going to play that out. :smiley:

One always has hope…

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Reading about Alithiel, the first thing I thought of was some of the lore surrounding Japanese sword traditions: there's both the sword-which-takes-life, and the sword-which-gives-life. Also, things like doing lots and lots of sword cuts are often thought of as cutting away the impurities within oneself as opposed to training to be able to kill your opponents. Sure gets you nice and tired…