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originally posted by Cheryl

I was just wondering how I'd go about learning about boats and maybe if I had to have a skirmish I wondered how I'd learn about swordfighting. I'm sure their are some books in the library to check out for this info. I have a research book for fighting maneuvers I might learn something from it but mostly I might try to avoid too many fighting scenes. Just wondered how you handled the fighting scenes when you first started writing Janny or other writers here. Thanks for any help.

Cheryl -

If its small boats, there are many many accounts of solo sailing that go into some depth.

If you are looking at square rigged ships, Harland's Seamanship in the Age of Sail is topnotch.

You need to know what time period you are borrowing - then you can zero in on documentation.

Sword work - you can take a fencing class at your local Y or gym - see if there's a club in your city. Talk to the people who do it. There are also reference books on the subject. And always records from competitions. The guy who runs the period weapons catalog Museum Replicas also apparently will answer questions - at least years ago, when I met him, he did…I don't know about now.

There are also numerous reinactments that happen - Renaissance fairs and Society for Creative Anachronism - those people study the subject and are very willing to share what they know from practical experience. These sorts of clubs and events will be in your area - you have to look them up.

originally posted by Cheryl

Thanks Janny that helps a great deal. It's small boats I think just one masted enough to get a little ways a way. Just want to be able to describe it in some detail thanks. My dad says I should see the movie King Arthur that should help to see the fighting in that movie. I'd like to see it anyway.

originally posted by Cheryl

LOL I can see me fencing I'm short I don't think me and a sword would go good together. I might have to find another route to learning about swords LOL I'm afraid I'd stab myself in the foot haha grin