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So, there is a definite difference between the manner of speech of clanborn versus townborn. So would this be more like the difference between a southern accent and a midwest accent, or American English and British English? Or am I just wayyyy off? I would really appreciate any other thoughts on this.

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The way I've always interpreted it, is more say 'Queen's English' and a more colloquial English, for example, a Yorkshire accent, which is worlds apart.

Guess that could just be me though.

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I've always thought that the clanborn accent is closer to Paravian than the townborn accent… given that the clans still speak Paravian and many/most of the town people probably do not. :smiley:

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Thanks for your opinions, I just wanted to hear the dialog in my head properly!!! LOL!!!

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I think Janny describes the Clan accent as far more clipped and ennunciated, whereas the townborn is more slurred with sloppy vowels - Lysaer makes a comment in the beginning of COTM that after a few drinks, and they'd be able to fit in with the locals.

I like the idea of the Clanborn's accent deriving from Paravian. :smiley: But then sure, wouldn't that be more sing-song like an Irish/Scots accent? *grin*