About David Thorpe, narrator for the audio book


David Thorpe has appeared in numerous stage plays, in repertory and on tour; his television credits include The Brittas Empire, Peak Practice, and Jonathan Creek. Twice a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company, he has been heard in many radio plays and readings.

He has won numerous awards for his audiobooks. He has also voiced several fantasy/ sci fi books. These include ‘Hybrids’ thrilling sci-fi novel set in a believable – and terrifying – near future and a number of the original Doctor Who books and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

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I suggest thet you read all of Katherine Kurtz's Deryni books as well as her Adept seeris. The Deryni books are a very well done magic based fantasy seeris set in a faux Middle Ages …go to deryni.net for all the listings of the books… I think there are about 20 so far.The Adept books are more modern…and the main protagonist is a mixture of Sherlock Holmes a Knight Templar(one of Kurtz's other seeris is about the Templars)and Marvel Comic's Dr. Strange.Both are very good…but I prefer the Deryni books more… I guess they were about the 4th or 5th fantsy seeris I ever read…Those first few were…Lord of the Rings, The first Thomas Covenant trilogy, Shannara, The Belgariad and of course the Deryni seeris.Highest possible recommendation. :smiley:

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