A Tribute to Sara Douglass

originally posted by Sue

I thought long and hard over the relevance of this post being on Janny's website and have decided it is quite appropriate.
It was with sorrow that I read of Aussie author Sara Douglass' passing from cancer yesterday. Sara's books, in particular "The Axis Trilogy" known I think as "The Wayfarer Redemption" in the USA, were a highlight of my early forays into fantasy literature and instrumental in developing my love for the genre. I found the character of Axis mesmorising and was immediately hungry for everything I could find of similar ilk.
This 'hunger' led me with great enthusiasm to Janny's magnificent series, and here lies the reason for my post.
Earlier in the year I read Sara's last book, published in July I believe, "The Devils's Diadem". I read that it was the book Sara had always wanted to write, free of the pressures of what her publishers wanted her to write. The book was a great read and highly recommended.
So, finally thankyou Sara, for firing a love of mine that persists to this day.