A few amusing thoughts after reading TK

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Before I write out my thoughts specifically on the book, here are a few quick thoughts I had that amused me.

1) When Sethvir was speaking to Davien, I just wanted to jump in and say "Dav, can you just cut the crap and do me this one favor already?"

2) Men don't cry every five seconds.

3) Naked men in same tub…yech

4) I think we all wish our "coupling" could raise forces to decimate an entire continent…

5) Wish Lirenda could find a way out of her predicament just so she can backslap Morriel…Just once…

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I believe that Lirenda *does* have a way out. However, she has to have been given just enough freedom to do it. She has to ask the Fellowship for help. Or perhaps she can ask in some mental way…?



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It would be interesting to see if Lirenda could ever grow enough to think to ask for help.

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Maybe Arithon's lessons on the nature of sound and air will be of help …

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If it doesn't spoil the story, I should like to *ask* why didn't Dame Dawr's male ancestor approve of her match?

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And any "takers" for Arithon's dearest wish confided to Davien (according to Davien in TK)?

My guess is resolution of mistwraith/free wraiths. But Arithon's reaction to Asandir in COTM as to what he would do in the F7's place was "find the paravians".

Are there clan ships still searching the oceans or have they given up for the moment?

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spoilers spoilers eteteteeete

Pre-Kewar I would have gone for the resolution of the Miswraith problem. That would have allowed Arithon to be free from his blood oath and be free to chose his own death to break the curse.

Post Kewar… don't know


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At what level Arithon is thinking now? The land / planet?

Once the planet is "safe" from humans maybe this would this free the F7 from the drake binding?

What will trigger the Paravians return I wonder?

If it was just the mistwraith that drove them away why haven't they come back? It's their "home".

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I only just got my TK back from loan from a friend, so… But wasn't the dearest wish in reference to Arithon's desire "not to kill"? I could easily be wrong. Neil, do you have a page or 'thereabouts' reference to Davien's comment about the dearest wish?

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A change of subject(sorry)-but who exactly is Verrain? This character intrigues me! Apart from making Daenfal barmaids swoon, he also frequented ballrooms!(pre or post rebellion, one wonders).And he has a habit of vocalising his thoughts-a habit of mine-which perhaps explains my preoccupation with him.:smiley: I would love to read more of Verrain!

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Verrain first showed up in CotM, as the Guardian of Mirthlvain Swamp. Since the F7 are so shorthanded, he was trained, and has been referred to as a Master Spellbinder. My take on that is he is more advanced than Dakar in magic -but then again, Verrain isn't dealing with Dakar's gift of prophecy, as well as Dakar's habits of drinking and wenching.

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I think that having made barmaids swoon, Verain probably would have done a bit of drinking and wenching;)
No, what I meant, Blue, was that I'd love to know a bit more of his background before he became a Master Spellbinder-was he a servant, was he connected to the clans or the ruling lines etc. and how he actually arrived at his present position.
This series is just amazing. It opens more and more lines of exploration-I can't think of any other book I've read that's done this.
I'll have to cut this short-my daughter is trying to balance her chair upside down.

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I've been reading TK, having ordered the British edition rather than wait for MM.

I agree with Hannah, Arithon's dearest desire is not to kill, and Davien was speaking to Dakar when Dakar wanted to interfere with Arithon & the necromancers toward the end.

I've been wondering if the Waystone's cracking and other changes will eventually help Lirenda get free.

And wishing Elaira would put together what she's learned in the hostels with what else she knows about how things work, and ask to F7 intervention to be freed.

Although if Lirenda does get free and spill the beans about Morriel/Selide, maybe the Koriathian order will fall apart and Elaira would be free anyway. I think the best thing for the order would be losing that waystone.

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They lost it already once before, and did it improve matters? :wink: Dropping it into the Cildein would be a less temporary fix, but I have my doubts this would help Elaira escape the order's confines; given she didn't have longevity bindings prior to Ships, she had to have been recruited while the Waystone was at Althain. Her vows would have to have been over the Skyron or another major focus instead, yes? Can the imprint of such a vow be moved between these foci?

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They knew it - the Waystone - was still around. I want them to lose it definitively and forever.

New question - who is the Traitor and what is the Knot? At first I thought Davien, but I don't see how it fits, really. I see lots of possible 'traitors' though.

And what is the Stormed Fortress?

I'm seeing signs that Lysaer might be about to lose, and Arithon win one, sort of, at least. (about time!) I'm thinking the traitor and the knot *can* apply to Lysaer's side and all that's going on there.

And this and the next book *are* the end of the Alliance of Light arc.

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"Not to kill" is probably somewhere on Arithon's wish list but I doubt it's the number one thing.

There are two obvious candidates:
1. to be free to spend his time with Elaira
2. to be free to play music to his heart's content

however both of these are corollories to what I think is his heart's desire - which is to be free of his obligations as Crown Prince of Rathain. The very first entry of Arithon and Lysaer into Athera had Asandir being very cagey about the plans for the two princes. Both Lysaer and Arithon are still very much products of their childhood which is being repeated - s'Ilessid chasing down s'Ffalenn piracy in the belief the s'Ffalenn are evil. Arithon makes it abundantly clear that he would do anything to avoid assuming the obligations of another kingdom.

To pursue No 1. and 2 above, he must first somehow escape the demands of his kingdom. That is my view of his heart's desire.

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Yes… I am pretty sure most of us would rather lay around with our lovers and pluck out chords on our lyrantheguitarpianoluteharp. But ya know the rent has to be paid and work to be done. I definitely want to come back as someone's dog or cat and stretch and sleep my day away!! [grinning at ya]:}

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Spoilers & all that…

THe wish of Arithon's heart -

Remember, this is Davien speaking to Dakar. It's not what Arithon himself might describe as the wish of his heart, but what Davien heard from him. There's only one thing we've seen in their interactions that would fit, and that's the wish not to kill. It's also the only thing that suits the rest of Davien's speech which is that (somehow) facing down the necromancers as he does with Paravian grace will give him what is necessary to accomplish that. I think it will be somewhat as the discovery of Alithiel's purpose gave him other ways to deal with iyats & drakespawn.

Spoilers Spoilers…

To me, Arithon has three hearts desires:

To be with Elaira, "even if the whole world burns" ,to use Dakar's words. (Selidie must be rubbing her hands together with glee)

To stop Lysaer's religion from fracturing Ath's truth at any cost, even his life (from what he admitted to Erlien)

To save Lysaer from the Mistwraith's curse, if he can (evidenced by his choices not to confront his half-brother to date, made of his own free will to limit the effect of the curse).

As to his priority between the three, I wouldn't want to speculate.

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I think often Janny's titles have more than one interpretation (well, the later ones at least–I think Warhost of Vastmark can pretty much only be interpreted one way). I think a big part of this title is in regards to Sulfin Evend, who would be considered traitorous by a lot of people (maybe even himself?), and the knot his contrary vows are now going to tie himself in.

The only other thing I can think of is in regards to Davien, but that would have to be a very shallow interpretation…