A band Dhirken might have on her iPod..

originally posted by Hunter

I came across a band I thought Dhirken might on her iPod and this band could probably be found in a waterfront bar in Shipsport. I can imagine Arithon singing 'Keelhauled' (see Myspace link below) to the Black Drake's crew.

The band is called Alestorm and they describe themselves as True Scottish Pirate Metal… seriously… they even have a song called Captain Morgan's Revenge.


They are also touring Australia in June 2010, may have to go along…

originally posted by Clansman

Hmmm. Kind of a Pogues/Metallica fusion. The could call themselves Quarterdeck Metal!

originally posted by Hunter

I did mention to someone that these guys were no more metal than the Pogues…

I would think the s'Brydion would probably listen to these guys… http://www.myspace.com/amonamarth - Swedish Viking metal - big hairy blokes singing about Vikings. Touring the US in April with folk metal band Eluviete… \m/