4th royal family through the west gate

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having got bored of waiting for the next book, I thought I'd re read COTM, and I noticed that it mentions 4 royal families sent through the West gate, but we only hear of 3, what happened to the last one?

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The last heir of the fourth royal family, s'Ellestrion, died in the Red Desert prior to reaching Dascen Elur. Their kingdom was Melhalla (where Alestron of the s'Brydions is located), and which is featured in Stormed Fortress.

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If memory serves, the s'Ellestrion heir fell to the Curse of Mearth… but I can't remember where I picked up that piece of info. :smiley:

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(Clue: who fathered King Eldir's forebear?)

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LOL, OMG! Are you guys into Atheran trivia or what?