2009 - New Hope for Germany?

originally posted by Marcel


At August (2008), I began - again! - to read Jannys Book. (Curse-Saga Book 1). In some months, i’am by the last German Book "Spiel der Schatten" (Grand Conspiarcy Book 2).

Now my Question. Can we German Fans hope for a new German Translate?
Oh, and whens its was only a E-Book … But better a E-Book as NEVER :frowning_face:

I don’t believe the statement from "Bastei-Lübbe" that Jannys Books was never was good to sale. Much "Raymond Feist" Fans was buy Janny Books, becauce the genial and beautiful Kelewan-Saga. (ME TOO!!! :D)

Eventually, "Blanvalet", Rays German Publischer will bring Jannys Curse-Books?

PS:; What I hate, in German is, that the most Englisch Books was in die middle ended and bring in 2 Books. Official Statement: "In German, we need very more Words.". Okay, thats right. But …
not very more. Harry Potter 7 has in Englisch ca. 750 Pages, in German ca. 800. And … "Robin Hobbs" Book "Farseer-Saga" has in Book 2 OVER 1000 Pages in German-Edition. (Softcover!). But with Jannys Books are this not to make? (Bastei is dumb!!! (and silly!) (Its my meaning!))

Please, make as hope, then some German Fans can not good enough English, for read for Books in original.


Hello Marcel -

I dearly hope one day to have good news for you - right this minute, I have no offers.

What can you do? Get interested people to talk about the books - and write to the publisher, asking.

I'd be only too happy to have a German translation available! Particularly since Stormed Fortress is now published in English - and the whole of the third story arc is completed - with the fourth one underway.

I continue to hope and expect one day that things will change for the better.

originally posted by Marcel


i wrote morning a Mail at Rays Publisher, but…
At the first Mails, they never answerd :frowning_face:
Or, better, I write a Letter.

In a German Fantasy Forum (www.welt-der-fantasy.de) we Users love your Kelewan Novels and the Mistwraith Novels.

I will try to read your Books (at Perils Gate) in Englisch, are i don’t know … My English is not the best! - And "Fantasy-vocabels" are sure was another as "normal"