200 Year jump?!

originally posted by Phome

Hi all - I have been rereading the entire series now that I discovered the e-books. I've come to realize that I have never read Stormed Fortress, and of course Initiate's Trial is also new for me.

Since I'm reading the books back-to-back, I was somewhat shocked at the 200 (or so) year jump in timeline. I'm aware this will have been a deliberate choice on Janny's part for a new arc. But … am I the only one feeling a bit "left out" of the lives of the characters? I wanted to know all about Arithon's daughter! :smiley:

Hoping to discover what all happened in the past. Just in the middle of Chapter 1 …

originally posted by Annette


250 year jump, but the way how Stormed Fortress ended, it seemed likely there would be a big jump. There are clues in Initiate's Trial, but we will have to wait for Destiny's Conflict to catch up and then probably we will not learn much about Teylia. Arithon, Elaira and Lysaer never knew her so we would have to wait for one of the others to mention or think of her. Or for Arithon to go digging after info, he is bound to eventually find out.

Which is I think the main reason Dakar is avoiding Arithon.