Kewar Tunnel + Five century fountain

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Just a couple of thoughts, i'd love it if Ms Wurts would also comment - i'm expecting neither a yay or nay though :smiley:

This is all assumption.

Davien didn't want mankind to settle on Athera because he knew that it would have an impact on Paravian survival. He didn't want to be placed in the position where he would have to wipe out mankind because of the drakes binding. He was outvoted by his colleagues who didn't want to wash their hands of the problem they felt they had a hand in creating.

The other 6 fellowship members set up the charter and installed high kings to oversee the humans and make sure the introduction of humans wouldn't unbalance everything. Davien disagreed with this proposed plan, he thought that installing kings and setting up the charter would work for a time but eventually things would become stagnant, tensions would arise and the people would become restless under the rules and restrictions their forefathers agreed to.

Davien meanwhile was working on his own ideas, harsh but fair he knew that the only way for mankind to progress was to reach a state of awareness allowing them to co-exist with other life. They would need to understand the balance of things and to this end he created kewar tunnel, a test for people to pass. Davien invited King Kamridian to use the maze… maybe he explained what he was planning and the King wanted to help his people so he took the burden of it on himself or maybe davien just saw a great man and lured him there. Wahtever the reason Kamridian failed and Davien, lamenting what had happened left his experiment alone.

The idea would be that those who passed the test in kewar tunnel would then be able to drink from the five century fountain. Arithon however did it backwards because the guards on the fountain had fallen apart.

This is as far as ive surmised. At this point i could branch off to:

a) the 5 centuries would give the successful people time to reach initiate mastery.
b) Crazy starship ramble - Davien planned to send mankind on in a cleaner state (through passing kewar) and with more time to reach a destination (5 century fountain).

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That makes to much since. Stop it hehe

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I'm impressed Matthew as it totally makes sense to me. Whether it's true or not maybe Janny will let us know at some point. However, it could give the story away.
Looking at everyone else's pov I will try and give Lysaer a bit more slack but to be honest when doing the re-reads I miss him out I think I get bored with him or it could be the fact I just don't like him. Will try better on the next re'read. Another reason why I didn't like him in Curse at the beginning was the fact I def prefer the pirate aspect bad guy but not really, odds set against him type thing. Perhaps that is why COTM Warhost and PG are my most fave re-reads.

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I'm wondering if the tunnel experience is like an artificicial version of what happens to someone when they stand in paravian presence. Show you your flaws and give you the chance to rise above it.

Would a spirit be able to walk the tunnel? maybe the fellowship rendered davien discorporate to stop him trying out his own creation. It's never sat well with me the idea of them 'punishing' him like that, it seems out of character.

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Seriously, Matthew, that is a huge number of posts. You could have re-read most of Peril's Gate in the same amount of time, or picked up the "loose ends" from Fugitive Prince that Blue's mentioned.

Interesting stuff though, even though my in-box was overflowing. I do think that your take on Kewar and Five Centuries is a little to straight-forward for Janny to do. She will ever keep us guessing.

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i read through traitor's knot again last night between posts :smiley:. I only have peril's gate and traitors knot :frowning_face:, the other books i got out from the library.

It's always theories and guesswork when it comes to Ms Wurts, still, i enjoy proposing ideas.

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Aww this thread seems to have died, anyone who is reading or has read the earlier books able to add to this? is there anything that might disagree with my theory?

I know its simplistic but it can't be ruled out so soon.

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Wow! Very interesting. Generally I just lurk around here but I had to express my amazement at your prolific postings and exciting possibilities. I've got a lot to think on. May come back later with some ideas. I might have to embark on another reread…


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Support your conjectures about Davien and his aversion to the compact. Based on the LOMB and prohibitions on land use, it would be easy to see how people may long for freedom and expansion as prosperity develops.

The purpose of the Kewar passage as I thought it was to restore the awareness of the inner person to the recognition, correction and acceptance of their errors.

Finding it difficult to reconcile Davien to the villain who lured King Kamridian on an individual level, to align the state of consciouness of the humanity on athera. I am sure Janny will provide a short story if this.

Maybe he knew something about the s'Ffalenn line - possibly that someone from this line could salvage the predicament of humanity and the Paravians.

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One possibility with the s'Ffalenn line is that the Compassion geas could have been TOO strong, and that when certain action was necessary, the reigning monarch COULD not do it, because it would have been quite non-compassionate (real term?) or maybe Davien was testing the bitter limits of that compassion, to see how far it could go before it destroyed the person who had that geas.

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I don't think kewar tunnel tests "compassion".

I think that Kewar is well explained in the FAQ as a test of kingship:

"All that is disowned - unreconciled - left unresolved, the maze will reflect. The self's opinion and judgment of the self".

I guess that a king ideally should be able to reconcile cleanly in judgement (including one's self).

Davien's creation is very demanding. Kamridian appears to have been a good king in the view of the fellowship yet still failed because he "stopped looking for answers".

Blue, you might be right: the compassion geas might even have put him at a disadvantage? But surely he would have established this with the F7 as it would have invalidated the experiment?I'm overcomplicating perhaps…

I suspect that the famous failure was a s'Ffalenn(spelling?) could have been for "story tension"…i.e. if one s'Ffallen king failed, Arithon might too!

Davien did not "lure" Kamridian. He entered in free will and the F6 could not intervene (LoMB I suspect). Davien was proving a point apparently…exactly what we'll see one of these days I suspect.

"Maybe he knew something about the s'Ffalenn line" - No I think not: Dakar's predictions post-date the fall of the kingdoms. I feel Davien's agenda is outside just the s'Ffallen line destiny…

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"Maybe he knew something about the s'Ffalenn line" -this was not an inference to Dakar's prophecy. This was actually a musing about the sword Alithiel. In CoTM Asandir mentions that the sword was given to a man and that the sword acquired another name as the owners tended to suceed the end of a royal line.

Later Davien also indicates that Alithiel is a sword of peace. Since the s'Ffalenn line inherited Alithiel that was what I was wondering about…