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If the testing of princes is the caithdain's job, what happens when the caithdain is wrong?

Another example of the instability of using bloodline inheritance? Jeynsa can be disinvested, she was picked very young, before her mettle could be tested… the geas still doesn't guarantee perfect scions. Lysaer can be excused because of the curse, but Arithon was able to overcome his geas, and grow into his powers.

Although I'm wondering - by opening up to the S'Ahelas gift of vision, has he nailed himself to another unchangeable geas? Or is that just the genetic inheritance from the S'Ahelas family?

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Jeynsa hasn't tested Arithon; she's prejudged him guilty. Jieret would have confronted Arithon directly and put his life as the stakes. Jeyensa ran from him to acuse him before others. She is in no wise acting as Caithdain.

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You know that, and I know that, but does Jeynsa know that?? :wink:

What I am wondering, what did Asandir 'know' when he singled her out among her siblings to be the next Caithdain?

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Jieret once thought to himself that he was grateful Asandir chose Jeynsa. I don't have the book handy but I believe he thought Jeynsa was the only one of his children with the fierceness of spirit to handle Arithon.

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*sudden thought*

Is the mistwraith able to access Jeynsa via her link with Arithon… and manipulate her?

Davien did say that Arithon's choice 'not to kill' would push the mistwraith to intensify its goal to destroy the brothers…

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Is the mistwraith able to access Jeynsa via her link with Arithon… and manipulate her?

I would say that's a definitive no. Lysaer was the only one posessed by a wraith and the F7 removed it. As to the Curse doing this, again I would say no. It could mainipulate Arithon but he now has mastery over it and I don't think it can reach through him to influence someone else. It might, if he lost mastery, influence him to influence someone else.
Those are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

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I feel slightly different about Jeynsa. The impression I got was that yes she did run to start off with because she blamed him for Jieret's death and in her mind Jeiret's dishonour, and she did not want/feel able to be Caithdein. And she is only very young so I don't think that is really surprising - she needed space and Arithon let her have it (also he did do the blood bonding bit without asking her permission - she had no free choice?).

However, when she had the vision of him in the control of the necromancers then she acted as a Caithdein because she went to face him - yes she thinks that he is possessed because her vision didn't show her the resolution of the conflict - BUT I believe she means to challenge him to prove he is now lost. This, to my mind, is what a Caithdein should do - because if their King is no longer fit then it is their duty to deal with the situation.

Of course, I could be totally wrong - I probably need to reread TK.

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Trys: Interesting - but I'm not thinking she's possessed… just pushed a bit via her Caithdein geas… but then it could just be as Bec said, her Caithdein geas taking over.

We saw Lysaer, 'quite apart' from the mistwriath's curse, dedicate himself to eradicating shadow… so it could be a similar thing…

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Janny I just wondered will there be anymore sneak peaks would love to see a little more if poss.

Jo - very likely there might.

The synopsis was one, in effect. Posting the covers, another.

I am currently working on the interior black and white drawings, and once that production stage is finished, I'll see about what could be made for a teaser…the problem with this story is, almost all of it is a spoiler, so finding a passage that doesn't give something major to Very Major to Mind Blowing away is quite tough.

Thanks for your request, I do listen. :smiley:

If you are really crazy for a taste, go get Under Cover of Darkness, the anthology edited by Julie Czerneda and Jana Paniccia - my story inside but definitely will break the box, and in fact, sorta hint on a few things that will drop in the coming material, without overlapping.

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Thanks Janny just ordered Under cover of darkness from Amazon as def crazy for a taste of what may come. Thanks again for taking time out to reply much appreciated

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have you found a american publisher yet and if so when is the american copy do to be released?

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Trust me, had this occurred, there would be big news in both this chat area and on Janny's website. It hasn't happened yet. :frowning_face: