Atheran Short Stories?

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Now that I finally have enough of the books in possession or on the way (-pant- six American cover paperback, eight British cover paperback, six American cover hardback), I am now letting loose my obsession upon the short stories. -g-

At this point, I am certain of the following being set in Athera…

"Child of Prophecy" in -Masters of Fantasy-
"Sundering Star" in -Under Cover of Darkness-
"Reins of Destiny" in -The Solaris Book of New Fantasy-

Are there others which I have misidentified or forgotten, perhaps? I skimmed through this section but I fear I was hoping for confirmation given the number of short stories to which Mrs. Wurts has set her hand.

R Barron - welcome here.

That is the extent of the ones that are published. You'll find some startling insights!

originally posted by R Barron

Heyla, ma'am

Awww, thanks for the speedy confirmation. I actually have "Under Cover" somewhere but cannot find it so I just ordered a new copy to take to meet its non-kitty editrix in Montreal. I just need to get around to finding the other two books. -g-


originally posted by R Barron


I just got back from Worldcon yesterday and I managed to both say hi to BOTH editors of "Under Cover" Who knew? I am just glad that the book was upstairs so I did not make more of a nuisance of myself. -snicker- Both Sandtiger and Mrs. Czerneda were very gracious, the latter even attempting to arrange an opportunity later to get the kitteh to sign my anthology as well. -smile- It was wonderful to meet you both, thank you.

…now, just need to pounce on the author to make HER sign it, too. -g-


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To Janny, is there a plan at any stage maybe after a couple more have been published to do a short story collection of all the Atheran short stories?

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Or even just another one after the next book is out, I would love to know the origins of s'Dieneval.
And that Verrain story must be just about finished by now. :smiley:

I would have loved to know more about the division and reunification of Shand, but it seems that is not short story material. :frowning_face:

Josua Bruce Law – welcome here!

I truly TRULY hope so! If the readership builds up, anything is possible…anything!